My Approach and My Story

I am a musician passionate about sharing the intricacies of sound with you.

Audio production, building sound systems and doing great guitar setups is what I’m best at. I love this stuff, I’m good at it and I’ve been doing it for decades. Thats why I’m offering these services to you.

Here’s what makes my business unique: I am a “quality person,” but I’m also frugal. This means I have spent my life trying to find the best, but also most cost effective solutions to my all my problems.

I am a sound engineer and stage manager. I have worked in all types of music venues, recording studios and music stores for over 20 years. I own my own recording studio for music and pod cast production and regularly setup my and other people’s guitars. I’m not a big corporation trying to squeeze money out of you. I’m a local guy who just wants to make ends meet doing what I love to do.

If you want help getting the right sound or the right sound equipment then contact me now.

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